Elyse Bain is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Animate Behavior Clinical Director. With ten-plus years of experience in Applied Behavior Analysis, she brings a heightened level of clinical focus to every intervention. From the onset of her career, Elyse has been enlivened by the progress made by clients. As an invested partner to caregivers, she draws upon this vitality to shape her distinguishingly high-quality clinical and individualized approach to therapy.

Elyse’s first experience with ABA was as a volunteer at a school that specialized in working with children with special needs. After witnessing the impact of the clinical interventions she was part of, she pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Sonoma State University. Furthering her career, it was at Florida State University where she earned her Masters in Psychology with an emphasis on Behavior Analysis.

Elyse’s experience is well-rounded. She has worked with both children and adults and has designed and implemented interventions that address a wide variety of abilities and deficits. Elyse’s experience has placed her on the front-lines of ABA as well in critical leadership positions. As a Clinical Director, she has overseen a variety of behavior assessments and has developed, and implemented skill acquisition and behavior reduction plans that have made a marked difference in the lives of clients. In working with a variety of behaviors from verbal to severe self-injurious, she has gained a depth of experience that she leverages to support the clinical teams she oversees.

Elyse has provided behavior consultation for both in-school and at-home settings. She focuses her interventions on the targets most important to caregivers. Elyse believes that no matter where one is in life there is always an inroad to progress and improvement. Elyse currently resides in Martinez, California where she enjoys hiking, playing with her dog, Izzy and spending time with family.

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