Lisa Boster is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Animate Behavior’s Chief Operations Officer. Early into her career, she spent several years working with children and adults in a variety of educational settings. It was there that she began to see the importance of creating sustainable systems and how they can generate notable impact beyond that of each individual provider. While pursuing her education in public administration, Lisa discovered applied behavior analysis and fell in love with the field’s strong commitment to ethics and continual improvement. Lisa completed the requirements and received board certification as a behavior analyst in 2012. Lisa has employed her clinical background and operational skills in several leadership positions, pivotal in the development and implementation of evidence-based staff and parent training, and service delivery procedures. Lisa’s accomplishments include a marked increase in the number of state-wide Registered Behavior Technicians in Arizona, increased efficiency in hiring and training clinical staff, and standardization of clinical best practices, resulting in improved attention to clinical quality across organizations Through her years of service, she has witnessed the joy that comes to clients and their families as they reach personal milestones together. This motivates Lisa daily to ensure that clients and staff are positioned for success. Lisa knows the importance of a system of delivery that holds ethics and science as core. Committed to these values, Lisa envisions Animate Behavior flourishing and growing into both a resource and model for the highest quality ABA services, thus raising the standard of care industry-wide.

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