What is Applied Behavioral Analysis?

Behavior Analysis is a proven science that is employed to better understand behavior and the conditions that affect it. Therapists have used Applied Behavior Analysis, since the 1960s, to treat autism and other developmental disabilities. With a growing body of scientific research, ABA is recognized to be a safe, reliable and effective way to treat autism. Animate Behavior uses ABA interventions to enable clients to reach their full potential and lead vibrant and meaningful lives.

Our clinically sound interventions:

  • Reduce problem behaviors such as tantrums, aggression and self-harm
  • Improve communication skills
  • Teach self-care
  • Increase the quality of social relationships with peers and members of the family and community
  • Help clients catch up to neuro-typically developing peers

Contact an Animate Behavior Board Certified Behavior Analyst now, and find out how our interventions can make a difference.

How Applied Behavior Analysis works

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts use proven methods, and interviews with caregivers, to asses each unique client. Once goals are clearly defined, our experienced clinical teams use proven therapies to reduce problem behaviors and improve socially important behavior.

We get to know you & your needs

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts build individualized treatment plans based on caregivers’ goals and the results from proven assessment methods. An experienced clinical team then implements these plans. Our client-centerd supervisory model keeps caregivers in contact with our most experienced clinicians while ensuring the best possible care is provided to each client.

Positive reinforcement is a clinical necessity

Our staff at Animate Behavior is, well…animated! We feel that this is so important that we set out to hire the most enthusiastic people. Why is this important? We are constantly using positive reinforcement and modeling appropriate social behavior. When our therapists are enlivened, so are our clients.

Your role as a caregiver or parent and how we help

Consistency is key when it comes to autism interventions. The way that we interact with a person with autism can encourage social behavior or promote inappropriate behavior. Animate Behavior Case Managers will work with you to create a user-friendly plan to create needed consistency to assure the most impactful and vibrant interventions.